Deric is professional, hard-working, high integrity, accountable and empathetic, all at the same time. He possesses a unique set of qualities due to his leadership experience as a combat veteran, VP of Sales, and a coach / trainer of businesspeople. Candidly, Deric was my performance coach for a period prior to us partnering together. Hence, I understand first hand how effective Deric can be in dealing with high stakes and high profile people and situations.

Deric and I partnered closely on Innovation Bootcamp, an ambitious 2-day experiential “bootcamp” on innovation and technology. As background, I have sold $3 billion of companies over my career, so I was very careful with who I chose to partner with. It’s sufficient to say that our partnership was extraordinarily successful and resulted in roughly 2x the profit that I expected.

Unhesitatingly, I give Deric my highest recommendation.

Navin Thukkaram

CEO of Innovation Bootcamp