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What has your inaction cost you this quarter, year or even the past five years?

We are constantly looking at what something may or may not cost us to do, but we never seem to take a good hard look at what it is costing not to do. 

Everyday we are meant with choices to to move or stay in the same position that we have been in.

How much are you losing because of your choice to play small? What are you robbing your kids and wife from? What are you stealing from yourself?

Throughout my life I have used my wife and family to hide from decisions and tell myself that I was protecting them by not spending the money or doing what I know needed to be done. I would have an opportunity in front of me and I would choose to sit on the sideline watching the people who decided to succeed. Literally I would turn on the television, look on facebook, or watch them on instagram. 

We are surrounded by success everyday and it is our choice to jump or watch.

We think that it is okay to holdback because the other guys aren’t doing it and they are doing fine. Bullshit, they are fucking dying inside and are not even aware of it. 

If you have read this far, congratulations…

You have just woke the fuck up.

Deric Keller

Certified Exit Planning Advisor | CEPA®
Certified Trainer
Chapter President, Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area

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