Deric is professional, hard-working, high integrity, accountable and empathetic, all at the same time. He possesses a unique set of qualities due to his leadership experience as a combat veteran, VP of Sales, and a coach / trainer of businesspeople. Candidly, Deric was my performance coach for a period prior to us partnering together. Hence, I understand first hand how effective Deric can be in dealing with high stakes and high profile people and situations.

Deric is a man of action, that action is based on intentional and specific outcomes, and those outcomes transform into targets which is all he can see for himself and his clients. Deric has the capacity to dig into the details as needed, and has the range to address his clients at whatever level is required.

Mostly what Deric does is help you get very clear about what you want, why you want it, what’s in the way, and confirm that you are committed to taking that on, it sounds simple and those terms are easily thrown about, but for a man who has done it for himself, done it for his family, and made the hard choices to stay true to what he wants to create and produce he doesn’t do this from theory. Deric is a unique blend of his experiences and as such can be an impact to the clients and businesses he chooses to engage.

Cullen Tlley

CEO, Exit Momentum