Deric is professional, hard-working, high integrity, accountable and empathetic, all at the same time. He possesses a unique set of qualities due to his leadership experience as a combat veteran, VP of Sales, and a coach / trainer of businesspeople. Candidly, Deric was my performance coach for a period prior to us partnering together. Hence, I understand first hand how effective Deric can be in dealing with high stakes and high profile people and situations.

Deric is just a great human being who is honest and professional and has integrity and ownership. I had the fortune to work with him and was impressed with his ability to identify the root cause quickly and ask intriguing questions to provide insights in any situation. He walks the talk! I would recommend Deric if you are looking for a truth-teller who cares about your success.

Yuko Tsuchida, CPA

Owner of Hito, LLC